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Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 Year Olds
Book Study
Let's build a foundation in mathematics! This book study will support teachers in understanding early numeracy skills identified by leaders in Math Recovery, including: number words and numerals, early and advanced counting, structuring numbers, two-digit addition and subtraction strategies, and early multiplication and division. The text will provide participants foundational knowledge in early numeracy skills and resources that can be directly applied to planning and delivering differentiated mathematics instruction for all learners. In this online book study participants will engage in discussions and activities in Canvas with potential opportunities for Zoom chats throughout the fall semester. Title: Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 Year Olds (2nd edition) by Robert J. Wright, Garry Stanger, Ann K. Stafford, and Jim Martland (please obtain on your own) More
Dates Dates: Book Study via Canvas
Credits Credits: 7.5 CEU/CE
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Location Location:
EDUC 659
Learn how focusing your talents and energies can help you not only survive but thrive as a teacher until retirement. Learn why setting boundaries and preserving your mental and physical health can improve your performance in the classroom and beyond. In this class you will delve into the data, define what you want in your career and how to focus your energy to achieve those goals, determine which boundaries will make you a stronger and more effective teacher, and discuss why focusing on teacher wellbeing is the first step in creating stronger, more productive schools. The course will incorporate human-centered design, which means we will listen/respond empathetically to each other’s experiences. We value the “whole person” of each educator. Required Text: ‘The Teacher’s Guide to Saying NO’ By Paul Murphy (Obtain on your own) More
Dates Dates: September-December 2021
Credits Credits: 1 Graduate Credit, 1 Undergraduate, and 15 CEU/CE
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