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Shifting the Balance
EDUC 659
Are you interested in learning what the “Science of Reading” actually is and isn’t? Wondering how it looks in a real life classroom? In their new book, Jan Burkins and Kari Yates provide a critical opportunity to look closely at reading research and how teachers can reevaluate their current practices and embrace new possibilities to lay a stronger foundation for our readers.
This self-paced book study through Canvas will engage participants in understanding common misconceptions around literacy practices and creating lessons that integrate evidence-based resources and practices into their daily instruction. Target audience is K-2, but open to all elementary levels.
Participants are responsible for the purchase of the book.

*Instructor Fee Waived for RCAS staff.
Dates Dates: February 5, 2023- May 7, 2023
Credits Credits: 1 Graduate Credit and 15 CEU/CE
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