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This workshop will train participants to use Project Wild and Project Learning Tree outdoor education programs and qualify participants to receive free resource guides and materials. It is a nature-based early childhood education program that relate to South Dakota Content Standard’s requirements. This class is based on the philosophy that children who have opportunities to play and learn in nature are more likely to:  Act responsibly toward the earth and each other  Be more physically active  Choose science or a related field for careers  Become better-informed and environmentally-aware adults  Handle challenges and problems more capably Participants will have classroom instruction, an opportunity to practice activities, and engage in an outdoor field experience. In addition, participants will have time to construct materials to use in their classrooms during a make-and-take session. Participants need to plan on working through dinner/lunch and be outside at times. Please plan accordingly by bringing food, appropriate clothes, and shoes for the weather. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks provides the resources for Project Wild, funded through hunting and fishing license fees. Project Learning Tree (PLT) resources are provided by the PLT non-profit organization. More
Starts: 1/26/2017 4:00 PM
Sessions: 3
Credits: 15 CEU/CE, 1 Graduate Credit, and 1 Undergraduate
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EDUC 359/559
Entitlement is ever present in today’s world. It comes veiled in love and wanting better for our children and ourselves. We will examine the roots of entitlement and how Love and Logic techniques can teach adults to teach kids the joys of self-control, responsibility, limits, and that nothing worthwhile comes without effort and hard work. More
Starts: 1/31/2017 4:30 PM
Sessions: 10
Credits: 30 CEU/CE, 2 Undergraduate, and 2 Graduate Credit
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